Best Case Scenario

God proved Himself to be SO faithful yesterday! After dealing with a UTI infection and spending the afternoon in urgent care (not the way we wanted to spend the day before surgery!)it ended up being a good thing that I went because my left leg had become infected because of the dog bites. Every time I start to complain, I am immediately reminded of a blessing within a certain situation.

After a long day which included pain,a delay in the surgery time and having to exercise lots of patience, I finally got to see A in recovery 8pm. The surgery was a complete success, as far as being the least invasive. He only lost a half a quart of blood and the operation was much shorter than expected. Apart from having a descent size hole up through his mouth into the sinus cavity, things look great! The opturater is wired into his mouth and covers almost 90% of the hole. In the hole is 6 ft. of gauze! The gauze will be removed in a week and things should be smelling pretty awful by then!

Pathology is taking a look at what is removed and if there happens to be enough cancer free bone/tissue surrounding it then radiation might not be needed. The Dr. said sometimes radiation can do more harm than good.

Anthony just ate a yogurt (1st solid food) and is fast asleep, thanks to the pain meds. just administered :) His jaw is quite painful because they had to open his mouth so wide to operate - ouch! My TMJ hurts just thinking about that!

We are hoping for the possibility of a reconstruction skin graft operation to be able to be done. Skin from his cheek, nose and arm would be taken to cover the hole. This operation is very hard, as grafting in that location doesn't take too well, but this would greatly improve his quality of life if possible.

Well, I am wiped out and still in my pj's too. Can't wait for these infections to clear up! I am looking forward to sleeping flat in my own bed (instead of a recliner thing) an we might go home tomorrow! We miss our boys so much.......we were able to Skype today and there was Dr. Loegan dressed up in his medical garb. He even sang Jesus loves Me to Daddy!

God has answered our prayers and we want to give Him the glory for the great things He has done!
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